L.A. Heat

Talk about a gripping crime drama with a romance between unlikely characters included for good measure! L.A. Heat, the first in the L.A. series by P.A. Brown, is one book that is difficult to put down. Grizzly murders have Detectives David Eric Laine and his partner Martinez Diego baffled. The murderer is targeting gay men and wealthy computer geek/ engineer Christopher Bellamere is front and center on their radar. Chris, openly gay and handsome as can be, is also on closeted David’s radar.

The book is action packed. I loved David and Chris’s first kiss. Even though David deny’s his feelings – only briefly, thank goodness – I enjoyed how they finally came together. Chris was cleared fairly early on. The author keeps the reader guessing about the identity of the bad guy; yep, there are several possible bad guys to keep the reader engaged.

The ending couldn’t have been better! After a super close call, we are taken to Chris waking up in David’s arms on Christmas morning…and then a surprise visit from the homophobic Martinez and his wife. Oh, can forget the kiss under the mistletoe toe, either!

4.5 stars out of 5!

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