Inn Rant

It has been a while since I’ve posted a good rant. I’ve slept on this one so it may be a bit toned down. If I would have written it yesterday, would definitely be different!

So I am back from a mini-writing retreat. My good friend and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Virginia, one that I’ve stayed at several times over the past ten years. I love the historic town, and the B&B is within walking distance of lots of attractions. I was aware that the B&B had a pub and restaurant in the basement. They were both in operation on previous visits. I’ve never had an issue before with loud noise from either. Until Thursday night. Thursday night – not Friday night.

The pub patrons – drunken revelers would be a more accurate description – finally left between 2:30 AM and 3 AM. Needless to say, the exit of the pub was two floors underneath our room windows. Yep, you got it. I didn’t fall asleep until well after 3 AM Friday morning. Thus, my plans for Friday were significantly impacted.

I kindly notified the management of what happened the following morning. As in, I asked if we could expect the same behavior again on Friday night? They assured me that it would be quite different as there would be no live music. They also notified the general manager of the property. Fine with me. I had the occasion to speak with her later Friday evening. She promised me that the situation had been dealt with, that the parties involved had been reprimanded. She also adjusted my room rate, which I appreciated, but it was such a small amount, I’m not sure why she bothered.

My piece of advice to the manager would be: do you want to be an elegant B&B that offers food and spirits or do you want to be a saloon with cheap rooms above? And, despite the concern of the staff, I won’t be patronizing the inn again.

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