Savor the Danger

I just finished reading Savor the Danger, book number three in Lori Foster’s Men who Walk the Edge of Honor series. I confess, I did read Trace of Fever, but Trace’s book didn’t resonate with me the way Dare’s or Jackson’s books did.

Wow! Talk about another hot alpha male. Jackson Savor is all of the above…and then some! Blonde hair, looking more like a lakeside bum than a mercenary, he is all about Alani, Trace’s sister. This book has incredible chemistry between him and Alani, and lots of comical scenes with overbearing big brother Trace and his best bud Dare interrupting shenanigans or offering advice or throwing around threats.

I really enjoyed the plot and action. She kept with the human trafficking theme, and there were several potential “bad guys” to keep the reader guessing. Plus, we got to meet Arizona, whom Ms. Foster leads us to believe is a place with relevance rather than a curvy, young female. Very clever!! Given that I’m a cat person, I enjoyed the stray cat scene outside the hospital and how Grim wormed his way into both Jackson’s and Alani’s hearts. Don’t want to spoil the ending, but it was A+.

Now, as to who could portray Jackson…I would pick Travis Fimmel or Anthony Baldwin. I like Travis, but I’ve already pegged him for another character, not that it can’t be amended. I also like Anthony Baldwin, but in the photos I’ve seen, he is a bit too serious. For me he isn’t quite playful enough to be the insatiable stud Alani falls for.

Look for book four in the series in May 2012, end of the month if I’m not mistaken. It will be Spencer’s (the hot bounty hunter we met in Jackson’s book) book and is titled Perfect Storm.

2 thoughts on “Savor the Danger

  1. WOW its like you wrote exactly what I thought when I read these books a few months ago … Glad to know that others thought Trace was a little lacking compared to Jackson and Dare. Looking forward to Spencer’s book.


    1. Yes, after reading Dare’s book I was expecting Trace to be more sophisticated and suave. I didn’t really care for Priss either. I didn’t feel the chemistry between then until halfway through the book. Definitely looking forward to Spencer’s book – he is going to have his hands full with Arizona.


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