Cast for A Matter of Time

I’m still reading and not doing much writing. Ugh!! Although, the books I have been devouring have been great! I finished Volume 2 of A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes. Last night I finished book 6 in the Mercedes Thompson series – River Marked by Patricia Briggs. I just started Sins of the Demon by Diana Rowland.

Back to A Matter of Time… one of my Goodreads friends has accurately named the cast of characters. Fiona, darling, you have hit the nail on the head dead center. So, I’d like to share your observations with my readers. As a quick refresher, the series is about Sam, a hardass detective who was once straight and is now gay, who makes Jory his (well, yes, they did their more than fair share of arguing and breaking up, but by the end of Vol. 2, togetherness reigned!). Then there is Jory, Mr. Adorable Cutie, who is a graphic designer and rampant club-goer, and whose brother happens to be the drop-dead gorgeous (straight and not changing) Dane Hardcourt.

Fiona has cast Mathias Lauridsen as Jory; Chris Hensworth as Sam (if we could grow Kiefer Sutherland, he would work), and Hugh Jackman as Dane. Here I disagree just a bit. If you recall Pierce Brosnan from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair – he would be my choice for Dane.

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