Cut & Run

Here goes – my tough review of Cut & Run by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban.

 This book had so much potential, yet fell short for me. The characters, Ty and Zane (both apparently straight FBI agents) were well-developed, but I didn’t buy their reasons to be bedmates, and I don’t know that they really loved each other. I definitely was not left with a warm feeling at the end of the book. The serial killer plot was intriguing as I tried to figure out “who dun it,” but the break in the case when Ty fell apart took me out of the story. It was just odd that they would be pulled off the case – just like that. Then, not to try to keep in touch with each other. Not sure that I buy that either.

The worst hang-up for me was the writing style, specifically the head hopping. As I try my hand at writing, I’ve started to notice things – things that may be accepted in romances, but for me, things that should be avoided. In one paragraph, the reader is in Ty’s point of view. In the next paragraph, the reader is in Zane’s point of view. It was like being inside both of their heads at the same time. There was no mystery, no speculation. The reader knew what each of them was thinking every step of the way. When other characters were brought in (Henninger or Dick for example), the same thing happened. I found it distracting and at times, difficult to follow.

Given all of the above, I found myself hurrying through the book to get to the end so I could be finished. I was more interested in knowing the identity of the killer than following the emotional ups and downs of the relationship between the two agents. And, again, no warm feelings at the end – a fairly quick wrap-up, which left me doubting whether Ty and Zane were going to make a-go of it as life partners rather than just work partners.

Just barely 3 out of 5 stars.

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