Dreary Hump Day

Well, the sun was brightly shining when I went into work this morning. This evening it is a different story. As I’m typing, I hear the rain in the background, steadily hitting the roof. I guess we should be thankful – this time of year and it could be snow.

I was prepared to rant about a book that just landed itself in my “Did Not Finish” pile, but I find myself mellowed by the events of the day. Today I stood with others as a hearse carrying the remains of a local fallen hero returned from Afghanistan to his hometown. We hear on the news so often about those soliders who have died in lands where most of us have never been, will never go. Today, it was personal and very real. My heart goes out to his family and friends, to the daughters he will never again hold or hug.

Thank you, U.S. Army Specialist Ronald Wildrick, for giving your life for your country.

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