Dreary Monday

The week is not off to a great start. I’m battling something – not sure if it is the flu or a sinus infection. It all started then end of last week with those unseasonably warm days… almost sounds like the opening line of a novel!

At any rate, I’ve been remiss in posting the remainder of my Best of 2011 picks. Fear not! I have them noted, they just need to be posted. If I can find the energy, I will add them later today. I figure I have kept you in suspense long enough!

Not too much else new and exciting. Still reading, of course! I am struggling, trying to get through the first hundred pages of the first Cassie Palmer novel (Touch of the Dark or Touch of Darkness maybe?). If I would get off of my lazy butt, I could tell you for sure. That, too, will happen later! I was really hoping to get into this series – I’m hooked on urban fantasy with female heroines. Alas, the Cassie novel is falling short. The opening scene was very long, and now we are slogging through meticulous descriptions. Am I allowed to skim ahead to some action?? I’m sorry, that is terrible. I will try to keep plugging through it. Maybe the series gets better with each book.

All for now. The sinuses are demanding attention… *sigh*

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