Another year is upon us. Wow, what happened to 2011? It went flying by.

I decided I wanted to do things today that would help me get the year off to a good start and maybe set a pattern of things to come. I’ve done that so far by going for a hike, which despite the chill and the rain that fell, was invigorating. I’m now working on a blog post – want to get back to my routine of book blogging and blogging about me. I also perused a number of books on Amazon. I’m looking for writing prompts. I’d like to get back to writing and doing more #SampleSundays. I think free writing will help my creative brain, and hopefully will allow me to finish projects that are mostly done but need an ending. I did read a bit this morning; I hope to keep reading, no matter the genre as long as I’m cracking open a book or firing up the Kindle. I also practiced the piano earlier. I want to work on my skills and learn a couple of pieces that I can play in church. It seems like I have packed a lot into the day and that makes me happy. With any luck, I will catch the Steelers game in a bit and work on editing one of my short stories.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you have a safe, happy, and healthy 2012.

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