Best of 2011: Paranormal Romance

This was a tough category for me – there are lots of good contenders.

My top pick…drum roll please… is Lover Unleashed (BDB series, book 9) by J.R. Ward. I am sure that others may disagree, but I really enjoyed Manny’s book. There was definitely a lot going on, and I know some people felt there wasn’t enough Manny and Payne, but it was such a good read and so difficult to put down. I love how she keeps her characters involved even though they aren’t the focus of the particular book – there was plenty of Butch and V, Quhinn and Blay, and good ole Detective de la Cruz. BDB is one series I have really enjoyed. It is the first “adult” vampire series I read after breezing through Twilight and the Vampire Academy. I love the Brothers, and Wrath will always be my favorite, but Manny’s book tops my 2011 list for PNR.

Deciding on a book for second place was very difficult. As such, I’m taking the easy way out – it is a tie between Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed series, book 9)by Lara Adrian and The Darkest Surrender (LOTU, book 8) by Gena Showalter.

Deeper Than Midnight was Hunter and Corinne’s book. I was so happy that Hunter got his own book. He is so sweet – especially that kiss in New Orleans! Of course, there was still lots happening with Dante and Tess, Dragos, and we were left hanging with Chase. I very much look forward to the next book.

The Darkest Surrender was Strider’s book. At the start he wasn’t one of my most favorite Lords, but he really grew on me. Plus, I confess that I really enjoyed what was going on with Paris and his quest for Sienna. The Harpy Games were an interesting fun and definitely showcased Team Strider and Kaia. Since I’m a Paris fan, the next book in the series should be incredible!

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