Best of 2011: Urban Fantasy

I’m so behind on posting my picks. Forgive me! So, without any further ado…

My #1 pick is Magic Slays (Kate Daniels series, book 5) by Ilona Andrews. How can anyone not love Kate, the kick-ass heroine, and Curran, the Beast Lord of Atlanta? I love the futuristic setting of these books, the magic, the unique role of vampires, the characters (Jim, Andrea, Derek, and others), the action, and the completely snarky and witty comments Kate makes. For instance, Kate’s description of Curran (p. 81): “He was dangerous. And difficult. And he was all mine.” She and her husband are a writing team and can be found at

My #2 pick is Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires series, book 4) by Chloe Neill. This book moved me in a very emotional way (see full details on my November 24th post). If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you are equipped with a full box of tissues for the ending. Ms. Neill broke my heart. And she was able to do that because she completely and totally sucked me into the story. It was masterful! Check out her website at

Honorable Mention goes to Chosen by Fate (Para-Ops series, book 2) by Virna DePaul. The author has created a new and interesting world. She had me hooked after reading her first book. This one featured Wraith and Caleb, and I’m happy to say that it included more romance. I stumbled upon her books and am glad that I did. She can be found at

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