The Real Werewives of Vampire County

I stumbled on this book after reading Alexandra Ivy’s Bound by Darkness. I was looking for more stories involving the Guardians of Eternity characters. This fit the bill.

The first story in the book is titled Where Darkness Lives and is authored by Alexandra Ivy. It features Sophia, mother-in-law to both Styx and Salvatore, and her hot, yummy bodyguard. I was a little slow in this one – the aforementioned bodyguard, Luc, is one of Salvatore’s trusted men. My previous impression of Luc was rather low – more muscle than brain and not too high on the sexy-meter. This story, however, quickly corrected those misconceptions. Luc is a strong, snarky, and intelligent character – oh, and he does have a great body! I loved the play between him and Sophia. The chemistry and sexual tension were obvious from their first meeting. The two of them cracked me up! I can’t tell you how many passages I highlighted on my Kindle Fire. Alexandra did a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life – they leapt off the page at the reader! I highly recommend this read.

I’ve just stared the second story. It is titled Murder on Mysteria Lane and is written by Angie Fox. I don’t recall having read anything by Ms. Fox before, but this story is off to a good start. Heather, a werewolf, is told she will be working undercover with a sexy vampire, Lucien, who is to be her “husband” to solve a murder. Heather is talented but not in trophy wife sense (and much less in the fashion sense). So far she and Lucien have done a good job butting heads. Oh, and she did manage to catch the good detective off guard when she stripped out of her clothes, leaving herself in a red thong. Take that, Mr. Vamp Detective (her sarcastic comment was much better)! I can’t wait to continue reading to see what other laughs await!

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