Drink Deep

Before I get into my discussion of Drink Deep, I want to apologize for being a stranger. This past week has been beyond insane at work, and unfortunately, it has spilled over into my off time. I have missed blogging and tweeting and being connected with friends far and wide via social media. Ok, ’nuff said on that. Time for book talk!

Before you read any further, this post contains a major **SPOILER** – read ahead at your own risk if you haven’t at least made it through Hard Bitten in the Chicagoland Vampires series.

It took me a while to read Drink Deep. After Ethan’s death, I was angry with the author – how could she kill off such an incredible character? Why would I want to continue in the series if there was no Ethan? Better yet, what would I think if she tried to bring him back – he was a pile of ash after all. Not such an easy thing to do and have it be plausible.

Well, I forced myself to get back into reading the book. Yep, I shed more tears in this one. Merit is such a strong character that she was able to continue on without her love and Master. She proved herself worthy of being Sentinel, and yet she was human enough to miss Ethan so that she slept in his bed one day, savoring the remaining scents of her man. She found a new partner in Jonah (from the Grey House), who was big enough to admit that though his feeling for her were more than just friends, he was happy to have a partner.

I won’t spoil the plot twist of who was causing the sky and moon to turn blood-red or the water to turn black, but it was definitely interesting. It also played heavily in Ethan’s return. Yep, ladies, Mr. Sexy Cadogan Master is back! Congrats to Chloe Neill for making it believable and realistic – not cheesy or hokey in the least. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. She’s left us with a cliffhanger and several unanswered questions.


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