Hard Bitten

Oh boy, where to begin?!

First, I should warn you that this post contains **SPOILERS** so if you have yet to read Hard Bitten – beware!

This was an incredible book – so many emotions combined with a riveting plot – and I was completely sucked in. Even though I knew what was going to happen (Ethan was going to die) it still caught me off guard. The finality of that scene left me sobbing. Merit wouldn’t take him back – she didn’t believe that he was sincere despite his attempts to woo her. In the end, he showed her unquestioning, unfailing love – he died for her. The ending completely did me in – thank goodness for Kleenex! I couldn’t believe the words even as I read them (pages 335-36):

“Without a pause, and with the speed of a centuries-old vampire, Ethan threw himself forward, his torso in front of mine, blocking the stake from hitting my body. He took the hit full on, the stake bursting through his chest. And through his heart. For a moment, time stopped, and Ethan looked back at me, his green eyes tight with pain. And then he was gone, the stake clattering to the ground in front of me. Ethan replaced by – transformed to – nothing more than a pile of ash on the floor.”

I immediately started Drink Deep. It has been heart wrenching to read thus far. Chloe does such a good job of sucking the reader into the story that you can help but feel every emotion that Merit is feeling. Kudos to her for drawing me in and keeping my attention. And yes, I will be keeping the box of Kleenex handy!

I want to leave you with an Ethan quote that stuck with me. All is not plum pitiful (one of my favorite Bluegrass song descriptions) but pretty darn close. I have my fingers crossed for a miraculous Ethan comeback by the end of Drink Deep. Alas, I digressed from my quote (page 88):

“No one said love was easy, Sentinel.”

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