There are several other things I should be doing right now, but instead I am surfing away on the net. Well, as quickly as I can since my internet service (Verizon) is horribly unreliable. Ok, ok no more ranting about Verizon!

I have nearly completed the first draft of a short story. I worked my butt off while I had lunch at Panera today. The deadline is December 1st so nothing like a rush job! If I can get the editing done in time so that I’m happy with the story, I will submit it. Otherwise, it may have to wait. I am notorious for trying to crank out stories quickly and then having them fall flat. Writing under pressure for me is not such a good thing! Although, maybe it is one of those things that “practice makes perfect.”

At any rate…I need to get things collected for work so I can get to bed at a somewhat decent hour. I can’t believe the rain has started already. From what I’ve heard, the next three days will be exactly like tonight. At least I won’t have to wash my car!!

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