I was contemplating my blog title over the weekend. I decided that I’m not doing it justice. I haven’t really ranted on any of my posts. I suppose that’s not a bad thing, but it may not hurt to give it a try once and awhile. You know, get some things off my chest…

Verizon is the subject of my current rant. I was so frustrated with the high rates my cable company (yes, it is a monopoly) charged for internet and TV that I wanted to cancel my service and try something else. So, I contacted Verizon to bundle internet service and DirecTV (can’t tell you how long that process was, but quick it was not). Perfect solution, right? Nope. Not at all. A couple of days later, I received a letter in the mail from Verizon stating that they could not provide me with internet service. For whatever reason.

Then, brilliant plan #2. My friend tells me about Verizon’s hotspot. Again, sounds like a perfect solution to my dilemma. My first device only connected at 3G even though where I live is supposed to be 4G. After a night full of failed attempts and lots of frustration, I returned the device. Turned out it was defective. So, now I have a new device. Granted, I don’t get on the internet every night – I work too darn much for that. This past weekend, I tried to participate in a Google+ hangout. Wouldn’t you know I dropped my internet signal 5 or 6 times before I gave up and texted my friend I could no longer participate. So far tonight, it has only dropped the signal twice, but no streaming video for me. Should the device truly be this unreliable? Of course, by now I am outside of the “return it without paying the early termination fee” so I am pretty much stuck. Any suggestions??

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