Home Improvement: Undead Edition

My book order from Amazon came yesterday – there was much rejoicing!

I started reading one of the anthologies – Home Improvement: Undead Edition. Even though Sookie Stackhouse is driving me crazy – can she pick a vampire, please?? – I had to read that story (titled “If I had a Hammer”) first. It was pretty crafty. I liked that it focused on Tara and JB – only one mention of Bill Compton and none of Eric or Pam. The addition of another psychic was neat, too. Overall a good story with a clever twist at the end.

The second story I read was entitled “Gray” and was written by Patricia Briggs. I must admit that I was concerned when I started reading the story – it was very dark and depressing. By the end though, I was completely enraptured – wonderful ending that left you with a sweet smile. This was a very well-written short story.

I haven’t decided which one to read next. I’m thinking it will either be Heather Graham’s or Stacia Kane’s. I’ve been afflicted with Terrible-fever! For those of you familiar with the Downside Ghost series, Terrible is very involved and may (or may not) end up with Chess – wouldn’t want to spoil anything… Given that, I may have to read Stacia’s story first.

At any rate, thus far, the book appears to be a good investment!

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