Football Sunday

Wow, I actually got to see some football today. Was a very nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Now, I am waiting for the Steelers’ game to start. Go Pittsburgh! Heath Miller is on my fantasy team so I am hoping he has a great game!!

Haven’t done much writing of late 😦 I need more hours in the day! I finally got my printer on my wireless network – that was an accomplishment! It should make printing drafts much easier.

Just finished reading Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham today. It was a decent read. Hard to put down, but nothing real unique. She did an excellent job of weaving in Key West history. I liked David and Katie – good characters. She had a lot of other characters. I found that it was hard to get a feel for all of them (almost too many). I was expecting more of a chilling story, but it didn’t really deliver. Not sure that I will continue with the series.

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