What is that big ball of fire in the sky?

I’m not sure that I recognize it. Of course, it would have to make an appearance after I am off of work. I didn’t really need another day of getting soaked and chilled. Ok, weather rant is over. I know we needed the rain, but the remnants of TS Lee gave us a bit more than the ground could handle. Really, done now 🙂

I picked up J.R. Ward’s new book, Envy, last night. It is the third in her Fallen Angels series. I can’t wait to start reading it. Of course, I won’t start it until I finish Glory in Death, the second book in J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas series. As I was reading last night, I was ready to choke Eve. I can’t believe she flipped out after Roarke gave her a diamond necklace. Yes, it was an extravagant gift, but still. I’m happy that he laid down the ultimatum. The ball’s in her court, and she has to decide…

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