#Sample Monday

In honor of Labor Day, I held my #Sample Sunday post for today (*cough*, maybe it is because I just didn’t get to it yesterday).

From the Context Workshop The Devil is in the Details by Lawrence C. Connolly
Based on a picture, we had approximately five minutes to write 100-200 words
This is the second draft of the initial brainstorm:

More than a Faux Pas

Jenny shuffled into the room at a snail’s pace. She felt
their eyes boring into her before she even crossed the threshold of the
cluttered, dilapidated living room.

Despite last night’s disastrous incident, she knew she could
count on a lukewarm yet amicable greeting from Liza, the head honcho.

“Hey girl, what’s up?” Liza’s tone was flat as she paused in
smoking her joint.

Brad and Nate, who were sitting opposite of Liza, turned
their contemptuous gazes on her. Neither exuded anything close to warm and fuzzy. Brad’s eyes narrowed, his lips pursed. He crossed his arms over his chest. Jenny decided Nate was the least threatening of the two.

She cleared her throat, “So, Nate . . .” She focused on the
errant lock of hair in the center of his forehead; she wasn’t brave enough to
meet his hazel eyes.

“How did you manage to screw it up?” Nate seethed
before gulping the last of his Milwaukee’s Best. He didn’t spare her another
glance as he settled back in the worn chair.

End of Sample

I hope that you enjoyed it! Where do you think the story heads next? What did Jenny screw up? Any guesses…

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