Monday, Monday…

Sorry, I’m a bit late with my follow-up post to Catchy First Lines. The line I quoted was from Dark Need by Lynn Viehl. It’s a novel in her Darkyn series. Personally, I liked the opening. Finding something to hook the reader quickly is often a struggle for me. I tend to read (a lot!) and take note of what seems to work for other authors.

Not much else to update. I’m feeling much better, thanks to rest and antibiotics! My throat is still a bit sore; I do hope that it will be better for Choral Arts rehearsal tomorrow.

Ok, back to books – I couldn’t stay away long! I started reading Bloodlines by Richelle Mead today. It is off to an great start! For those of you who enjoyed the Vampire Academy series, I think you will like the fact that several of our favorite characters are back (besides Sydney and Jill – Adrian, Abe, Rose, Eddie – no Dmitri yet). Whoo hoo!!

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