Shake, rattle, and roll?

Oh, my bad, that was yesterday! I never would have guessed that I would experience a 5.8 magnitude earthquake on the east coast. Kudos to Mother Nature – she is amazing! I felt like I was sitting in a massage chair rather than in a restaurant, finishing up my late lunch. It was very interesting to see peoples’ reactions. I would have to say they spanned the spectrum – startled to impressed.

Not much else to update. I did manage a run yesterday afternoon. I only went about 2 miles, but the knee felt good. I am very much looking forward to fall and running on the canal once the leaves start to change.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing. I’m hoping to be inspired this weekend. Tumbling forward in Time is ready for another round of edits. It is sooo very close to being finished, and I can’t wait! I’ve gotten so much excellent feedback that the story is just about ready for print. Yay! I also need to work on the sequel – only have about 800 words so far. I’d like to submit it for an anthology, and the deadline is in October. I’m sure the time will fly by so I need to hop to it!

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