Nicca & Channing Teaser…

One week post-dance, Wednesday at 4:15 PM

Nicca took off her glasses and laid them on top of the open case law book she had been pouring through over the past two hours. Her manicured fingertips massaged her temples, trying to delay the onset of what was sure to be another nasty headache.

On most days the quiet of the law library was comforting to her, allowing her to concentrate away from the cacophony of her phone and computer. Today, it just seemed to magnify her frustrations. She knew the answer she was seeking was right at her fingertips; it was just a matter of finding it in the jumble of legalese surrounding her.

Sighing, she picked up her glasses, determined to get back to the research. The buzz-buzz of her Blackberry distracted her.

“Who’s texting me now?” she muttered. Her fingers flew over the keys, bringing up the message from “Bossman,” Nicca’s secret nickname for Channing. Wonder what he wants…

How are things at the office?

“Gee, wouldn’t you like to know seeing as how you’re on the golf course today,” sarcasm dripped from Nicca’s voice. It was a good thing she was alone. Hmm, how to respond…

Fine, busy. How was golf?

Channing’s response was quick. Pretty good game. At the 19th hole now.

More sarcasm from Nicca, “Gee, I’m here slaving away, and you’re lounging around after a day on the links, downing some brewskis with the boys.”

Well enjoy. Need 2 get back 2 research.

Nicca set the phone aside, determined to put her hunk of a boss out of her mind and get back to work. “Somebody has to make the firm some money,” she huffed.

Several minutes passed before her phone buzzed again.

“Now what does he want,” Nicca grumbled.

Meet me 4 dinner 2nite

“The man has some nerve.” Nicca set the phone down and twirled a stray lock of hair as she considered how to respond. I so want to see him outside of work, but I can’t imagine showing my face in here tomorrow – especially if one thing leads to something even better.

Picking the phone up, she typed: Thx. Can’t. Working late.

Damn! This weekend’s bad. Next Saturday nite?

“Hmm…he certainly is determined.” A smile spread across her face as she pondered all the good things that could potentially happen Saturday night.

Nicca nibbled at her bottom lip while she contemplated her response. She didn’t want to seem too eager.

Sure, should be fine. She held her breath, awaiting his response.

She didn’t have to wait long. Good. I’ll get with u later on the details.

Nicca clapped her hands in excitement. She was finally going to have a date with Channing. Grinning like a geeky teenager who’d just been noticed by the captain of the football team, she closed the book with a thud. No point in doing any more research – her brain was elsewhere.

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