Medicore Reads

With this blistering heat, it would be nice to find a new series to start reading. So far, my selection of books has been less than thrilling. I have three started that I am plodding through. I had been really hooked on Christine Warren’s Others series, but my current read from her, Born to be Wild, just isn’t hitting the spot for me. I really like Eli and Josie, but the plot is dragging, and the reader hasn’t gotten any clues about the bad guy(s).

The other book I’m having considerable difficulty with is Passion by Lauren Kate. While I like Daniel and Luce, there isn’t anything to keep my interest. It is as though the book is a series of flashbacks. Give me some plot, please!!

Ok, enough harping on books. I got the new running shoes – whoo hoo! Just need some cooler weather before I hit the pavement. For right now, the pool and swimming rates higher than running. Come on Mother Nature, give us a break from all this humidity, please 🙂

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