First Post on the New Laptop

So, I’ve had it with trying to do loads and loads of typing on the netbook. The keys aren’t cut out for my narrow fingers – not quite sure who they were designed to fit. That being said, I made the purchase today. I don’t want to jinx myself or the laptop, but it seems very nice thus far.

I was supposed to be having a crazy weekend, driving all over creation, but I decided that my lingering sinus infection demanded rest and relaxation. That is exactly what happened this morning and what is happening this evening. Tomorrow I hope to work on writing and lounge by the pool.

While running errands today, I made a stop by Border’s. I was supposed to walk out with two books – City of Ghosts and No Place to Hide. Well, I *cough* left with four total. I’m dying to know what happens between Terrible and Lex, but I’m also curious about Sam and Sophie. Tough choice as to which is going to be the next read. Downside has really grown on me. I fear that this is the last book in the series – not good! I’m going to miss Lex, Bump, and even Slobag!

Now I must decide – so many things to do, and so little time before bed. I need to practice my song for church and practice the piano piece I am playing for church in August. I want to read and play on my new laptop. I’m dying to start editing my urban fantasy piece. The first draft is finally completed!! I know that I managed to head-hop so I have lots of red pens ready to go!

Good night all!

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