Groundhog Day?

I feel like I am stuck in a cycle of overcast skies, rain, and thunderstorms. UGH! I am grateful that we haven’t had the destructive tornadoes that have plagued the midwest or flooding like those along the Mississippi have to deal with, but I would still enjoy seeing that great big  ball of orange in the sky. Ok, enough whining; although, the extended forecast shows more of the same…

The weekend was busy! Had a great meeting at Border’s Sunday afternoon. We finally have a theme for our anthology. I can’t wait to start writing! I have a good idea, and I can’t wait to start putting words on paper (well, the computer screen)! I am hopeful to get feedback on one of my short stories this week. I feel like it has come along way so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will get good comments. My other short story is 95% completed, but I’m letting it stew. I’m not completely happy with one of the scenes. The rest of it is perfect (or as perfect as it is going to get)!

Willow is doing well – she is getting a bit adventerous on me. I’m not happy with her sticking her head and sometimes front paws through the spindles on my balcony. The last thing I need is her taking a 3 story nose dive. Not. Good. I’m hoping that she is smart enough to realize that she can’t fly. Maybe I should sit down and have a talk with her… Ha! Gosh, if I could do that and have her listen, imagine all of the things I could accomplish!

Voice is going pretty well. I am kind of scared. I signed up to sing a duet at church, and now I’m wondering if I am in over my head. I’m thinking that I probably am. Lovely.

Well, time to brave those rain drops. I’ll be parked in front of the TV tonight, watching Dancing with the Stars. Go Hines & Kym!

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