Another Thunderstorm

It is raining yet again. I almost don’t mind being stuck inside. Since I can’t run, at least I can read and not feel guilty about not getting outside.

I’m waiting for my banana bread to finish baking. The house smells very nice. I will be taking it in my lunch this week – good way to save money – pack your lunch. I know, I know, pretty obvious.

I just finished Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill. Definitely a book, which held my interest. I really liked Merit as a character and then Ethan – wow! The tension between the two of them made for some exciting reading!!

Now I’ve started Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland. I’m surprised that she doesn’t get more press – her books are great! The main character is Kara, a police detective who is also a demon summoner. Her love interest is Ryan, a rugged FBI agent who has an appreciation of the arcane.  I’m curious to see what happens between the two of them in this book.

Willow is slowly getting used to her haircut. She’s never been a fan of the “lion cut,” but for some reason, this time she was particularly bothered. Right now she is scouting a safe place to hide from the thunder. Poor girl!

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