A Dismal Saturday

Where did the sunshine go? It poured and poured this morning, now it is just overcast. Ugh. It is not helping my motivation. Nor is my headache.

I am procrastinating dinner by updating my blog. I’m not sure what to make. Maybe the headache is making me not hungry? I suppose anything is possible. That and the fact that the cupboards are somewhat bare – I do need to pay the grocery store a visit.

Still reading. Finished Infinity today. The first book in the Chronicles of Nick. I enjoyed learning about Nick and his friends while some of my favorite Dark-Hunter characters made an appearance. It is a young adult book, but I very much enjoyed it. Overall, I really enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing. I need to get back to reading more in the Dark-Hunter series.

Ok, the netbook is starting to irritate me. Darn keys are too little and too close together! I guess there are give and takes for the size 🙂

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