The End of the Weekend

It is coming to a close much too quickly for my liking. Why is that – weekends fly by while the work week drags? It makes no sense to me!!

Things have been going well, just the normal busy. I think I will term this weekend “church weekend.” I was very involved, and it will continue with my council meeting tomorrow evening.

I am very happy with myself. I’ve managed to author two pieces of flash fiction. I think I like writing shorter pieces rather than longer. I don’t seem to have issues with getting stuck with the plot!

I’m still reading as much as possible. Border’s didn’t have the next book in the Dark Hunter series (by Sherrilyn Kenyon) so I am back to reading the Lords of the Underworld series (by Gena Showalter). I’m really liking the discomfort Aeron is presently experiencing! 😉

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