Another snow storm?

Well, the forecasters are calling for 5-9 inches of snow until everything is said and done Thursday morning.  I wonder how accurate their predictions will be this time?  As much as I would like the white stuff, I am more than ready for spring.  My knee definitely has issues with running in the cold (not that I want 90 degree temps, mind you).

So, I mentioned something before about getting back into this?  This is my second attempt at that.  If at first you don’t succeed… what’s the rest of that saying?!!  Maybe we could build a couple of more hours into the day or go to a 4 day work week.  Either of those would definitely help.

Ok, before I sign off, I have say “Go Steelers!” I am very psyched that we are once again Super Bowl bound.  If I was independently wealthy, I would be going to Texas to watch the game.  I’m not so I will find some diehard fans and hang with them.

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