Milk – it does a body good…

Ok, before I get any grief, I have not been a complete slacker.  Only a partial slacker.  Reading and music have taken precedent over being on the computer outside of work.  Yep, that is my story and I am sticking to it!  Make a note!

Today was a very productive day – errands, grocery shopping, laundry, a visit from the folks.  Wow!  Now, Willow is sleeping at the foot of my bed as I lay here typing.

It seems like I’ve read a number of books since I last wrote.  I finished several of Lora Leigh’s Breed series.  She has really grown on me.  I am up to Mercury’s book next (I believe).  I finally got Davy’s book in Shannon McKenna’s McCloud brothers series.  Took awhile for that one!  I didn’t care for Davy’s story as much as I did Connor’s.  I am curious to see what Sean’s book brings.  I’ve gotten back into reading Christine Warren’s The Others series.  Although, it seems as though the recommended reading order is a bit out of order if I do say so myself!!  I’m completely hooked on Sydney Croft’s Storm series (for lack of a better description).  I just finished Ender’s book – very good!  I expected it to have a twist similar to Remy’s.  It didn’t, which was nice – kept me guessing.  I am definitely looking forward to picking up Wyatt’s book.  Those are easy reads, with great characters and plots, and very steamy!!  Very difficult to put them down!

So, now the question is – what to read next??  I am in need of additional books for some of the series I have.  I could read some more Christina Dodd – have a couple of hers pending.  I also picked up another of Kathy Love’s books – Fangs for the Memories.  Curious to see what it will be like.  Plus, I have The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.  Certainly hope that I can’t go wrong with that one either.

Can’t forget what else is around the corner… ECLIPSE!!  Whoo hoo!!  Go Team Edward.  Sorry, wolf, you’re not going to get the girl!

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