The Thunderstorm that Wasn’t

I was all excited today once I returned from my dreadfully slow run (in 92 degree temperatures by the way).  The sky darkened, the cloud formations looking rather ominous.  The breeze began to pick-up and then I heard the first rumble of thunder.  Thank goodness!  Maybe some relief from the unusually high temperatures and humidity is in store.  Well, much to my dismay, several rumbles of thunder later and the sky cleared.  Nothing really happened – no rain and certainly no cooler temperatures.

Although, I’m not certain how much I should complain.  Willow and I are spending some time on the balcony this evening.  I was hoping for a more colorful sunset, but I’m not going to get that either.  The swirls of the pastel blue clouds with hits of orange sunlight peeking from behind them are rather enjoyable.  Again, I should take what I can get – LOL!

So, I’ve breezed through a couple of books this weekend.  The current read is Shannon McKenna’s Standing in the Shadows.  I am very pleasantly surprised with this novel.  Her first one was good – good enough to get me to buy the second one – but I like this one a lot better.  Conner is nearly the perfect male (gee, can you tell I’ve been reading vampire books?).  Afterall, what boyfriend would willingly spend the day helping his girl friend’s depressed, antisocial mother??  I’m just over halfway through, but I am very much looking forward to how Novak is taken down.  He is taken down, right??  Connor and Erin are going to live happily ever after, right??  I know that this is not a fairy tale (no paranormals involved in this book), but the good guy comes out on top with the girl.  Yep, folks, that is a statement and not a request!!  Hopefully I will get my way….

Ok, back to downloading some new music from iTunes.  My iPod needs an update for my upcoming longer runs.  That, and I love listening to some of the piano music I play.  Gives me an idea of how it should sound – when it comes from a professional musician!!

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