Touch of Darkness

Apparently I have no life.  I started Touch of Darkness last night and have just finished reading it.  I must say that I liked both Rurik and Tasya, but I think I enjoyed Jasha and Ann’s story more.  Unfortunately, I don’t have book 3 in the series… yet.  I like Ms. Dodd’s writing style – she definitely  keeps the story moving, preventing the reader from getting bored.  I had difficulty putting the book down to switch laundry or take care of cleaning.  I am actually surprised that her books aren’t rated higher on Amazon.  I intend on finishing the series and will most likely re-read them.  I’ve already purchased Storm of Visions and await reading that ( I confess, I did make the mistake of starting it only to realize there were references to the Wilder family – yikes – don’t want to know just yet!!)

Couple of other updates… sorry, no clever segue!

– Liking the new, shorter haircut and the highlights.  The test will be when I have to do it myself tomorrow for church!  Wish me luck 🙂

– Piano lessons went unexpectedly well last night.  My teacher has more faith in my ability than what I do.  At least I am progressing at a good pace.  I should be ready to play all of my pieces by August.   Now, if I could just conquer my nerves.  No, thinking of the audience in their underwear does not work for me.  I will, however, welcome any other suggestions!

– Ok, I’ve had enough blogging for tonight.  I love my netbook… most of the time.  Tonight, the small keyboard is getting on my nerves.  Maybe my fingers are just extra clunky and uncoordinated tonight – who knows!

Duerme bien el mundo!

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