Hump Day

Updates… updates… updates!

I was able to procure a copy of Spirit Bound yesterday, and I even managed to read the first two chapters last night before succumbing to sleep.  I loved Dimitri’s so called “love” letter!  And, of course, did any of us doubt that Rose would pass her trials??

Today has been a busy day:

–  A bit of a road trip with a detour through the ghetto of our Nation’s capital. 

– A productive work meeting

– A refreshing run in cool, cloudy weather.  Faster than usual pace.   The knee felt pretty good.  This was the first run since the Frederick Marathon Relay.

– Now, catching up on the Catch.  The Time Bandit managed to have me a nervous wreck.  I’m very happy that they made it through the Pass without incident.

– Soon, piano practice.  Guess I should practice voice, too.  Don’t want to get into trouble with my dedicated and talented instructor (maybe if I butter her up, she will forgive me for my lack of practice??  Not likely).

– Finally, I will crawl into bed and open Spirit Bound.  I am excited to see where the plot will take us and slightly concerned that the ending really won’t be an ending but merely a cliffhanger for the next book.  Anyone want to make a bet on that??

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