My latest (current) read:  Noah by Jacquelyn Frank

From my searching today, it appears as though this is the last  book in the Nightwalkers series.   I was really hoping there were going to be more to come – I hate to see a good series come to an end.  I am only halfway through so I am guessing there are going to be a lot of loose ends which are tied in the next 200 or so pages. 

I have been musing over which Nightwalker is my favorite, and I am leaning towards Elijah.  I am intrigued by a demon warrior being mated to the Lycanthrope queen.  I enjoyed Damien, but Jasmine has really been getting on my nerves!!  I was hoping that she would find herself imprinting with a demon so she could quit with the whole smug, smarty pants routine.  No such luck – yet – a Vamp Princess can hope, right??

So it is looking more and more like Noah and Kestra will survive Samhain.  Who knows… they might really enjoy it 😉  However, Ruth and Nico keep rearing their respective ugly heads at the most inopportune moments so there are a multitude of possibilities for action, adventure, and most of all – the unwavering bond and love of a mating.  Awh… the hopeless romantic in me is making an appearance!

Noah to Kestra:  “…There is only one thing I have ever craved with all of my heart and soul…I have hungered for my soul mate.  She who would be Imprinted on me for all time…” (p. 251)

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